Introducing Floobits Pro
Floobits brings real-time collaborative editing to text editors, IDEs, and now Atom.

Better than screen sharing

“I tell everyone I know about Floobits. It's freaking amazing.”

Matt DeBoard, Courseload

“Floobits works pretty well most of the time.”

Matt Kaniaris - Co-founder, Floobits
Share terminals and video chat
Sublime Text
IntelliJ IDEA


Sublime Text editing a workspace Floobits web editor in a Google Hangout, joined to the same workspace
Use Google+ Hangouts to video chat and screen-share while editing

We currently support

We also have a browser-based editor.

As we’ve built these plugins, we’ve learned that real-time collaboration requires more than sharing code. We wanted to share shells, so we built Flootty. We wanted to ship changes to a test server as we typed, so we built a headless diff-shipper. We wanted to voice chat and screen-share, so we added Google+ Hangouts and WebRTC to our web-based editor.