For our users that use vim, we offer a fully functional plugin for Neovim. Neovim is a fork of vim that supports asynchronous plugins architecture required for real-time collaboration. This plugin deprecates our older vim plugin.

Our plugin for Neovim requires +python, please see :he nvim-python for more information.

Plugin Installation

Floobits recommends Vundle for installing our Neovim plugin.


To install, simply place the following line in your ~/.config/nvim/init.vim where you list your Vundle plugins:

Plugin 'floobits/floobits-neovim'

Manual (not recommended)

Plugin 'floobits/floobits-neovim'

After installing, run :UpdateRemotePlugins and restart nvim. You will need to do this whenever you update the Floobits plugin. For more information, see :he remote-plugin

The Floobits plugin for NeoVim requires Python. Please see :he nvim-python for adding Python support for NeoVim.

A typical ~/.floorc.json looks like this:

  "auth": {
    "": {
      "username": "your_username",
      "api_key": "your_api_key",
      "secret": "your_api_secret_not_your_password"


  • :FlooShareDirPublic /path/to/files   Share a directory with others. This will create a new workspace, populate it with the files in that directory. This command can also be used to sync local files to an existing workspace or to add new files.
  • :FlooShareDirPrivate /path/to/files   Share a directory with others and make it private. This will create a new workspace and populate it with the files in that directory.
  • :FlooJoinWorkspace   Join a Floobits workspace. Workspace URLs are the same as what you see in the web editor.
  • :FlooPartWorkspace   Leave the workspace.
  • :FlooToggleFollowMode   Toggle follow mode. Follow mode will follow the most recent changes to buffers.
  • :FlooSummon   Make everyone in the workspace jump to your cursor.
  • :FlooPause   Pause the event loop so you can type keyboard shortcuts.
  • :FlooUnPause   Resume the event loop so you can collaborate again.
  • :FlooDeleteBuf   Delete the current buffer from the workspace.


If you experience any problems please let us help you by submitting a bug report.