IntelliJ IDEA

The Floobits for IntelliJ IDEA plugin is available for nearly all current IntelliJ IDEA based editors. Our plugin has been tested in WebStorm, RubyMine, PyCharm, AppCode, Android Studio, PHPStorm and IntelliJ Ultimate and Community Edition.

Our plugin is open source, you can get the code here: Floobits for IntelliJ IDEA . If you run into any problems, we have a list of known issues that we are working on.

Initial Setup

Please download the plugin via the built in plugin manager. Supported editors are IntelliJ IDEA, WebStorm, PyCharm EAP, and RubyMine Floobits on the JetBrains Plugin Repository.

  1. Go to your IntelliJ IDEA settings and choose "Plugins" from the sidebar
  2. Click the "Browse repositories" button.
  3. Using the search box at the top of the dialog that appears, search for "Floobits".
  4. Double-click the Floobits plugin search result. You may have to restart your IDE.

Connecting Intellij with your Floobits account

All Floobits plugins require a ~/.floorc.json. Once you open up a project, the plugin will detect if you do not have a .floorc.json file and create it for you. The plugin will first ask you if you have an existing account.

If you have a Floobits account, the plugin will open up a browser to a page on Once you are signed-in, we'll automatically write out your .floorc.json for you.

After creating an account our plugin will create a special account for you and write-out the .floorc.json. You won't be able to sign into Floobits with this special account until going to Tools → Floobits → Log In to Website.

Getting started

Floobits create workspace from directory
Floobits created workspace from directory

Share your code

Floobits create workspace from directory
Floobits created workspace from directory


Floobits join workspace
Floobits joined workspace

Floobits Window

Floobits join workspace
Floobits joined workspace

Additional menus

Floobits join workspace
Floobits joined workspace

Using Intellij with Floobits

Note: Any command highlighted in the instructions below can be accessed via the Tools menu and Floobits submenu or via the action menu (⌘+Shift+A or Ctrl+Shift+A).

Share a project on Floobits

To share an existing or new project on Floobits open up the project you want to share in the way you would normally open it. Once open, go to Tools → Floobits → Share Project Publicly/Privately.

Getting Started

The Floobits plugin adds a Floobits button to the main toolbar on your IDE. It looks like our logo. Once you have a project open click this button to get started. This will open the Floobits window. To share your project, click the green connect button. If you have not previously joined a workspace with this project it will prompt you to share it now. Sharing a project uploads its contents to our server.

You can share your project publicly or privately. If you have large directories or files you may be prompted to have Floobits ignore them. If your workspace is too large you will not be able to share the project. Customers with large projects may want to only share a subset of their content, this is possible on the initial share dialog. Later you can add more files via the Floobits options in the context menu when you select files or directories in the project view sidebar.

Connect to an existing Floobits workspace

To join a workspace you have never joined before use Join Workspace by URL or on the Quick Start dialog click Join New Workspace:

In the dialog that appears, type in the URL for the Floobits workspace you want to connect to. You can get your workspace URL by opening up the web editor for your workspace from your Floobits dashboard. Once you have added the URL to the dialog, click OK to connect. Next you will need to select a directory for where to put the files from the workspace. Floobits will not create a directory for you, it will place all the files directly into the directory you have chosen. After you have finished selecting a location you will connect to the workspace.

You can also connect to workspaces you have previously joined via Join Recent Workspace. If you have the project already open and have previously joined the workspace you can simply join via Join Project's Workspace with the least amount of effort.

Important Features

Floobits comes with multiple important features:

  • You can follow other people's changes via Toggle Follow Mode.
  • You can summon someone to your file and line via Summon
  • You can see what other people type and what they select.
  • You can clear other people's highlights with Clear Highlights.
  • You can right click on a file in your project sidebar and use Add to Floobits
  • Check Tools -> Floobits (or in the action prompt type Floobits) to see other features.