Our editor plugins use a custom protocol that connects to floobits.com on TCP port 3448. If your network is being filtered, our plugins won’t work.

Testing for blocked ports

Try telnetting to floobits.com on port 3448. If your outbound connection is not filtered, you should see this:

ggreer@carbon:~% telnet floobits.com 3448 Trying Connected to floobits.com. Escape character is '^]'.

If you see an error such as Connection closed by foreign host. or Operation timed out, your connection is likely being filtered.

Fixing the problem

Some firewall software can block outbound traffic. If you have firewall software installed, try temporarily disabling it and re-testing. If your connection is no longer filtered, re-enable the firewall and add an exception for port 3448.

Some schools and workplaces block outbound traffic on most ports. If you are having trouble using our plugins at school or work, talk to your network administrator.