Importing from GitHub

It is possible to import repositories into Floobits from GitHub. You can import public and private GitHub repositories from both GitHub users and organizations. To import respositories go to the GitHub import page. You can use GitHub's API or add our special GitHub user for more granular access. For more information, please read the instructions below.

Public Repositories

If you have signed into Floobits with GitHub you can import any public repositories you have access to. If you are not signed into Floobits with GitHub you can link your account to GitHub by going to the GitHub import page page and clicking the "Link your GitHub account" button. Afterward, return to the import page to see an updated list of repositories.

Private Repositories

If you have private repositories you want to import into Floobits you will need to elevate the privileges Floobits has on GitHub. If you have already added public GitHub access to Floobits, the GitHub import page has a green button for authorizing private GitHub access to Floobits. Click this to follow the steps for enabling Floobits access to private repositories. Return to the import page to see an updated list of repositories.

If, after adding private GitHub access, you still do not see your private repositories for an organization you are a member of it may be because your organization's GitHub administer has disabled access to private repos for third party applications. In this case you will need to communicate with your organization's admin to enable access. See the GitHub documentation for third party application access for more information.

Granular Access

If you do not wish to provide Floobits with access to all your private repositories add Floobot as a collaborator on the repositories you need to import into Floobits. Afterward, you must create a workspace for each GitHub project you wish to import manually.

Once you have created a workspace open it up in the web editor. You can open up a workspace in the web editor from your dashboard by clicking the "Edit Workspace" button next to the workspace name. When the workspace has finished loading select "file" from the toolbar on the top left and select "add files". A modal dialog should appear that allows you to import from any git URL. Add your private repository's git URL here and click "pull". If you have added Floobot as a colaborator on GitHub you should have successfully imported your private repository into Floobits without giving us API access.