A typical ~/.floorc.json looks like this:

  "auth": {
    "floobits.com": {
      "username": "your_username",
      "api_key": "your_api_key",
      "secret": "your_api_secret_not_your_password"

All Floobits plugins and applications need to know your username and API secret. Instead of configuring each plugin and application separately, the ~/.floorc.json file lets you configure them all in one place. If you change your .floorc.json file, you'll need to restart your editor for the changes to take effect.

The most important values in this file are username and secret. The username is your Floobits username. The secret is the API secret on your user settings page.

Configuration Options

In addition to your authentication information, the floorc file can contain configuration options that change the behavior of plugins and other Floobits utilities.

"debug": true enables debug logging in all Floobits plugins. This can be extremely verbose. Enabling debug mode is only recommended if you are trying to troubleshoot an issue.

"log_to_console": true logs information to the Sublime Text console instead of a special view. Some people prefer this behavior, although it makes it easy to miss important messages.

"share_dir": "~/floobits/" The share_dir option changes where workspaces are stored by default. If you prefer to keep things hidden, set share_dir to share_dir ~/.floobits/.


~/floobits/persistent.json (or wherever your share_dir is) contains mappings of workspace URLs to local directories. If you want to change where a workspace is saved, you'll need to modify or delete entries in this file.

Persistent.json also contains a list of recent workspaces you’ve joined. It is safe to delete this file.