Floobits Enterprise

Many companies have policies against shipping their copyrighted code to third parties. That’s why we offer a behind the firewall solution: Floobits Enterprise.

What You Get

  • Initial set-up. (Getting a VM image running on your hardware)
  • Basic education for admins. We’ll teach you how to create users, reset passwords, etc.
  • 24/7 phone support. If stuff breaks, you’ll be able to talk to someone who writes code.
  • Cryptographic tokens for admins and, if desired, users. We use Yubikeys.
  • Continuing software updates. We want enterprise users to have the same features as floobits.com.

Technical Details

  • Our standard deployment is in the form of an OVF image. It is compatible with almost all virtualization software including Xen, VMware, and VirtualBox.
  • We can integrate with some single sign-on systems. OAuth-based ones are our favorite.


  • We charge $100 per user per month. Users are purchased in batches of 10. If desired, we can bill on a yearly basis.
  • We offer discounts for deployments larger than 100 users.
  • We also offer educational discounts.

Note: We do not offer any trial versions of Floobits Enterprise. Our enterprise offering is the same software running Floobits.com. Only configurations details (such as the domain name) differ.